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John Bell, MD
Dr. Bell


John Bell, MD, MPH
Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor


Telephone (619) 471-9186

Mail Code 8485



Academic Profile

Dr. John Bell joined the Division of Hospital Medicine faculty in 2012. He received his MD degree as well as his Master of Public Health degree from the University of Virginia in 2007. In 2010 he completed his residency at the University of Virginia and then stayed on to join the faculty there as a hospitalist.

At the University of Virginia, he was involved in leveraging the electronic medical record to improve the quality of patient care and in teaching medical students and residents how to understand and eventually improve the health system. He is continuing those interests at UCSD.

Highlighted Publications

  • Kemp BA, Bell JF, Rottkamp DM, Howell NL, Shao W, Navar LG, Padia SH, Carey RM. Intrarenal Angiotensin III Is the Predominant Agonist for Proximal Tubule Angiotensin Type 2 Receptors. Hypertension 2012; 60:387-395.